Bolsa bolsa Bolsa

Went to Bolsa early this morning. I have never seen so many shells here. Thousands of them! We collected a few and barely put a dent in. Fun day!

Big wheels keep a turning

Mondaze are for daughter dates 💘

Took just rosebud to Bolsa . Rosebud dates = way too much fun

20 15

broken feet . lots of babies . sano . piano . pool . guitar . dance parties . baby cats . toe touches . hand stands . sewing . child rearing . belly laughing . crocodile tears . surfing . I love surfing. but i suck. but i don't even care. it's too much fun. smurf to surf to toe touch and a karate chop

Leap frogs

Kind of got crazy and made a bunch of stuff for my girls.. Makes me want to go on a kids clothing strike. They're all so ugly and the cute ones are too expensive. All this literally cost less than $10 and were so simple took less than an hour to make.

Born Free 2013 x Cycle Zombies /// Proud Wifey

Born-Free 5 Invited Builder Series-The Cycle Zombies from Born-Free on Vimeo.
Big Scott Stopnik of the Cycle Zombies family in Huntington Beach, California is one of the invited motorcycle builders of the 2013 Born-Free 5 Vintage Chopper and Classic Cycle Show which will be held June 29, 2013 in Orange County, California at Oak Canyon Ranch. Scott is one of 32 builders to debut and showcase their take on today's custom motorcycles. You have the chance to win the Harley Knucklehead they are building!

The show is free to ride or walk into and is about the love of old motorcycles. For more info, please visit regularly for updates.

Video by Mark Choiniere

Seea x HSS

Check out this rad interview my sister did over on the Seea blog!!!

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